Weepy’s Parting Gift to Sis APRIL (Missing Weepy One Month Later)

Weepy Memorial Day  2004 hiding under table

WEEPY on Memorial Day, 2004 in one of his then favorite hiding places under table

Weepy in Coupon Country , early apprentice 5-30-2004

WEEPY in his apprentice days in , er, on Coupon Country desk. Best
supervisor we ever had, keeping me company on long, difficult days

WEEPY (2) and APRIL (1)  5-30-2004 (Memorial Day)

Missing Weepy, here’s Big Sis APRIL back on same day nearby in a spot both April and Weepy loved, under table where
they thought nobody was looking. Weepy left April many things, including a new
low protein, high fat food we had recently tried for Weepy (which he didn’t like) but is now wht’as keeping 20-year-old April going, the only such food she’ll eat

   WEEPY Leaves Big Gift to Sis April

Still difficult for us here with Weepy on our minds, but it’s a little better  with time.  Just happened to find these older pictures, above, without even trying.. was meant to be. They do Weepy a little better justice – as I said it can be difficult taking pictures of a black cat…
Was thinking of the many things Weepy left us… including a new
low protein, high fat food we had recently tried for Weepy (which he didn’t like) but is now what’ s keeping 20-year-old April going – the only such food she’ll eat. We had just bought a case of the food for Weepy to try (saw it on the net), as there’s only a couple such low protein , high fat cat foods on the market. Weepy didn’t like this one – liked the other – but April really likes this and NOT the other. Without this food, thanks to Weepy, we’d be in big trouble … (April also  has kidney problems , like Weepy, but due to hyper thyroid, which when treated with medication causes the kidney values to climb. But after a year or more April is hanging in, eating a ton of food but not gaining any weight, which is par for the course with hyperthyroid , they tell me.  At least she doesn’t have the added heart issue, like Weepy , to deal with. By the wayThe new low protein, high fat cat food is called HI TOR NEO DIET in case anyonewhose cat has kidney issues is interested

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