3 Silly, Fun, Happy Feline Favorites in One  Katz Family On One 3-Cat Day

You’ve heard of 3 Dog Night- well, we’re big proponents of 3 Cat Days- and today we had an especially good one with three amazing events- one silly, two happy and all pretty fun.

THREE Cats: 13 year old Archie watching 16 year old Pinky eat (top left), Archie watching birds outside (right), Archie ‘hiding’ behind shelving when he first came to us (bottom, right), Oreo kitten (bottom, left)

1) SILLY: I found a food- Stella and Chewy’s little bites Savory stews chicken and duck dinner and broth– that all three cats really liked and I could not find it again in the stores. I looked everywhere. Well, turns out there was no such cat food because it doesn’t exist. I was feeding my cats dog food. (see picture)

  You know how sometimes they don’t print the word on the label or, make it so small you can’t find it. Well , it was there but I just didn’t read it. I had asked a half dozen clerks too , but they didn’t see it on label, either. I brought the label into stores and,finally, one clerk looked at the label and he says ‘this is dog food’ .  You have to admit they hid the word ‘dog’ pretty good- last thing on the label and smallest type. I guess they’re trying to sell dog food to cat people, or sonething . No, it was my fault. But, we did have a good laugh and learned something and also discovered some other good new foods for kitties instead of dog food!

2) Oreo and Archie were on their ‘A’ game today -so great and cute to see them getting along so well -a 13 year old and kitten recent addition- chasing each other and then ending up in the catio licking each other and each others company from inches away . Amazing how this is enhancing two previously solo cats’ lives. Imagine them not having each other and it wouldn’t be nearly the same quality of life. They’ve never even come close to a fight- they’re both very easy-going, gentle cats. And it almost didnt happen because I , frankly, couldn’t imagine a kitten getting on si well with a cat 13 years his senior – and nearly said ‘no’. After a very gradual introduction, its been amazing and wonderful how well things have worked out. Lesson learned: Give it a Chance- Don’t Give Up Too Soon!

Definitely play though we werent sure at first, when this first skirmish broke out . Never a cross word spoken since- and thry’ve been doing this almost daily since first meeting earlier this year (2024) after being kept apart for weeks with their human fearing they wouldn’t get along. Human proved wrong once again.

3) Speaking of nice cats, Pinky, now 16 and our seniorn ady, is a very nice cat, too, and she got friendly herself today 6-26-24, venturing out for only the second or third time into the front room as I left the gate open in the hall. (you see, we separated her snd the two newcomers Archie and Oreo cats at first. Well , she stayed out in the front while I was putting Archie back in his room but Oreo was still there and Pinky ended up out of the patio for a few seconds . She didn’t stay out there long but she saw Oreo which maybe didn’t excite her but it didn’t make her mad. Oreo didn’t jump on her like he does on other cat(s)- her reputation must have preceeded her. So they said there hello and goodbyes ,so to speak ,and Pinky came back indoors and started back to her room in the middle- she’s got the whole house now – she’s got more of the house now then the other two cats. So I think I will start to leave the gate open when I’m home so she can come up in the front and that means the other cats could come to back of house. Within reason . So, looks like a real breakthrough and we might even finally be able to take down the fences with one now united cat house. Never thought that cat happen!

Pinkys Big Adventure- if you look closely you could see coming in from the outdoor patio for only the second or third time this year. Glad to see she’s getting braver and now maybe adjusting to the other two new cats, hopefully

There’s our young lady, PINKY, 16, enjoying her cat TV from her cat-bird seat in the master bedroom where she holds fort among with her own private room

We’ll always be missing Orange Julius , Zippy, and Zackie/Jackie aka the Big KAHUNA , of 10 years who all left us in the past two years . But we feel very fortumate to have both little Oreo and Archie, unexpectedly, to help fill those voids of having lost three older cats in previous two years, and, of c ourse, Pinkie, now with us about five years


One last sidelight- I discovered an app -that has little to do with cats- called Google Keep that allows voice dictating as some other apps seem to limit it. But even better it’s great for note taking and filing. I think Google is trying to dominate The Market on everything and they sort of took off the microphone on some of the other apps so I can’t dictate by voice but this KEEP is really good for notes and for filing messages so ,anyway, it’s an app called Google keep and Im using it right now…So, that’s my tip for the day .

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