Weepy was there for me during over a decade of loss and now he’s been given a ‘double whammy’

WEEPY Watching intently from inside as Squirrel hangs from bird feeder


WEEPY (below) with big, little sister, April above

Weepy’s been my faithful companion, along with April during the entire period during which

I lost my family members . I acquired Weepy around 1998, as a companion for 20 year old April.

The next year I lost my sister to cancer and within the next five years my brother and sister and

four young cats, which came to me, unknowing, with dormant terminal diseases. Weepy helped

get me through the past decade plus. Just last October I lost my last living human family member,

Dad – and Weepy was still there for me.


       I took this dear 16 year old black tabby to the vet this morning for an updated

diagnosis – and things do not look good. Weepy has not only CHf (Congestive Heart Failure)

but Kidney failure. I knew of both to a lesser extent and was treating the kidneys by giving Weepy low protein

special diet. An old heart murmer recently evolved into the full blown CHF. 

 tHE two are especially hard to deal with at the same time, since

the heart has more trouble pumping  the excess fluid which the kidneys DO want. 

So, we have to limit the diruetics for the heart since the kidneys need water. Not much

else can be done.



After a weak of lethargy where Weepy stayed mostly in the dark , back closet,

it was nice to see Weepy climb up on the bed today upon our return from the vet. He had

his fluids drained, which probably made him  feel better, for now anyway. I expect he’ll

revert back. IN fact , it wasn’t long after I had to leave that Weepy went back to his




        I  have been spoiling Weepy with rich food this week – anything to get him to eat.

It has taken a toll on his kidneys , so I’m hoping he’ll go back to eating the kidney diet,

which he did today.  I am going out to get some other things to ‘spoil’ weepy including

a high food dish , as he has a little trouble bending over. I will get him an extra bed

in case he venturees back out into the living room again, a fan for the extra hot weather

and whatever else they might recommend such as an appetite stimulant for a cat that

doesn’t want to eat much.


I will not be doing any traveling, other than short local trips, so as to give

Weepy the attention he deserves, as I try to do with all my pets and people.

So, for now, we’re savoring the days. They go by fast. Rather make a somewhat positive

report now rather than spring one on after the fact.

        Thanks for sharing… See Weepy in famous Youtube video, ‘If at first you don’t succeed’ trying to help squirrel get off the bird feeder) and, below, 

Weepy , in silhouette, again, with older sister April, still going strong, despite hypothyroidism.

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