STORMY, MrCool, Everybody’s Friend, Concord, CA

STORMY, MrCool, Everybody’s Friend, Concord, CA

Posted in Always in our HeartsFriends | July 27th, 2010

STORMY Dog, Mr Cool, Everybody’s Friend, Concord, CA

When we took Stormy to Emergency Sunday morning 7/25/10 not in our wildest dreams would we imagine him never coming back home with us again.
Stormy was always a heavy breather, as it were, especially when he got excited. But there was never any indication that it was tied to anything serious. A heart murmur, some arthritis were not unusual for an 11 or 12 year old lab dog. Stormy had recently come down with a bad cough, for which he was being treated with a number of pills. Stormy’s problem still had not been fully diagnosed but Dr K had narrowed it down to either 1) problem with the breathing flange not opening and closing 2) a worm-related virus or 3) the outside and least likely possibility, cancer. I had not even known about this third choice until after the fact. The first two were treatable, the third not. Stormy’s latest June x-rays had looked generally ok, with a slightly increased enlargement of the heart, since his previous x-rays last year.
Stormy did not eat Saturday night – not even the latest and greatest tasting and healthy ‘Blue’ food we had brought him the previous day at which time he gobbled it up. I was worried when he wouldn’t eat



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