Sophie-Blue was ‘Queen’ of Blake’s ‘three ladies’ Shelties

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Sophie-Blue was ‘Queen’ of Blake’s ‘three ladies’, his beloved Shelties.




Here is a picture of Vancouver West End’s “Travellin’ Wilburys” known also in the U.S.A. Mother Rosie-Blue almost !7. Late youngest daughter Sophie-Blue 10 passed away after a fighting battle to the end with cancer Oct.28th, over 70 attended her Funeral and tributes still keep coming. Sister/daughter Mit-Blue almost a 11 travelled to many,many Senior/Hospitals/Churches and during my singing Events etc. All three were Vegans for many years. Photo of S.B. in my new 2010 C.d. cover”BLUE RAIN” See the following website.’ -Blake

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Blake’s Sheltie dogs

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