Selecting the Right Senior Dog Food – Save on Food, Pet Supplies at PETSMART


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Selecting the Right Senior Dog Food – Save at PetSmart

Your senior dog may be more prone to obesity, heart & kidney disease as well as degenerative hip & joint disease as he reaches 8 years & beyond. With proper nutrition, you can help keep him thriving into his golden years.


The slowing metabolism and activity levels of older dogs may require fewer calories and less fat.

Senior dogs can also have digestive irregularities, so nutrition rich in fiber that contains probiotics can support their gastrointestinal systems.

Nutrients or ingredients to avoid depend on your dog’s health needs—dogs with decreased kidney function may require lower protein levels.

If your senior is overweight, consider feeding a reduced calorie or light food.

Dental disease is also common in older dogs. Consider specially formulated oral care nutritionto help prevent gum disease & reduce plaque.


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Lastly, PetSmart is pleased to introduce dog supplies created and tested by Martha Stewart and found exclusively at PetSmart! Coming soon to online stores!

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