Sheltie Enjoys Senior HighLife Thanks to Blake and Dogged Determination

MitBlue 5-1-14

Sheltie Enjoys Senior HighLife

Thanks to Blake and Dogged



Mit-Blue, 18, the matriarch and last of a line of three Shelties for whom Blake has been guardian, continues to thrive and enjoy her unexpected senior years. Thanks largely to Blake -also known as Mister Blake in his ‘other life’ as a musician / singer  – and her own determination ,  Mit-Blue has confounded doctors who didn’t think she’d make it past last year. And, it’s not like Blake is going to extreme means to keep her around with him. 


You’ve heard stories how when a spouse died the other spouse died shortly thereafter. Well, it works the other way , too.  One can buoy another’s  spirit and will to live  with kindness and good care.  And, it’s not as if Mit-Blue is struggling.  She still walks, though has trouble keeping up with her young, ‘upstart’ companions – two new Shelties who joined the clan. But, best of all, Mit-Blue enjoys her   almost  daily car rides in her custom seat in Blake’s new Mercedez.


They say everyday is a bonus when we get over a certain age and Mit-Blue has had many and we hope she has many more with Blake -who has had his own health issues –  and the ‘upstarts.’  (Maybe a good name for a band of howling dogs – ‘Mit-Blue and the Upstarts.) 



pic of three

MitBlue with Blake’s original Sheltie clan.



sophie blue

From 2010,  when the late SophieBlue began having trouble walking Blake got out the baby stroller for her. SophieBlue also lived to a long, happy life.  Don’t we all wish all dogs – and people- had caregivers like Blake. Of course, Blake says he gets it all back from her and the others AND MORE.   We always say one gets back from their pets what they give them –in spades.


Incidentally, Blake, or Mister Blake in this case,  has been a popular singer in his homeland of Canada since his cover version of Dusty Springfield’s  ‘I Only Want To Be With You’in the early-60s as a 14 year old .  Today, he continues to blend the vintage    with a more contemporary dance sound.  Listen to his latest @   , notably ‘Keep Our Love Alive’ with Patricia Dahlquist, ‘We’ll Reach the Sky Tonight ‘ with the late Rita McNeil and hear Blake’s update of the evergreen ‘Pretty Blue Eyes’ as well as ‘I Only Want To Be With You’ 2014 version.


Sheltie Enjoys Senior HighLife Thanks to Blake and Dogged Determination

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