MILKSHAKE The Cow Has Identity Issues

Milkshake ,The Cow, Identity


 see VIDEO Issues

EL DORADO HILLS, Calif. — Milkshake the cow spent the first two years of her life confined to a small, filthy pen before being rescued by the Grace Foundation in El Dorado Hills.

During the two years spent in confinement, Milkshake never learned to become a cow, current caretaker Beth De Caprio said.

“She doesn’t know she’s a cow. She doesn’t know where she fits,” De Caprio said.

Milkshake ,The Cow, Identity Issues , see VIDEO

Milkshake was one of many neglected animals seized by animal control officials from a Somerset ranch back in April. The animals were taken to the Grace Foundation.

The former owner, Sue Lyons, earlier accepted responsibilty for the animals’ poor care. The El Dorado County district attorney is reviewing possible criminal charges against Lyons.

Milkshake got her name from a young boy who thought she looked like a milkshake before the blending.

Since arriving at the Grace Foundation, Milkshake has spent most of her time inside being around people.

The bovine even attends classes with children.

De Caprio said Milkshake became attached to people because she was taken from her mother at two weeks of age.

During her two years cooped up in a small pen, Milkshake never even learned to graze.

Now, the 1,200-pound Hereford is trying to make up for lost time of socializing by playing with a rescued puppy named Riley at the foundation.

“I have been teaching Riley to ride on her back, and they both seem to like it,” De Caprio said.

Thanks to Joyce for letting us know about Milkshake and her wonderful story. Go here for another story from Joyce, about one of her own :…-kingdom-at-17


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