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Cat Can’t Stop Hugging Dog After 10 Days Apart

WATCH: Cat Can�t Stop Hugging Dog After 10 Days Apart

We all know what it’s like when our friends or family members go away on long trips and leave us behind. It’s a major bummer, and we all wait patiently for that day when they return home.

But you know what they say—absence makes the heart grows fonder, and reunions are awesome. We greet our fresh-off-the plane travelers at the airport or open the front door with open arms lay a great big embrace on our road-worn companions.

And that’s exactly how Jasper the cat reacts to seeing his dog friend Bow-Z after 10 days of being apart.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, the black cat just can’t contain his excitement as he jumps up and throws his paws around the dog and buries his face in the canine’s neck. Bow-Z’s tail wags and the dog allows his feline friend to hug him for a few minutes before trying to back away and get some breathing room.

But Jasper just isn’t ready to let his best friend go. The cat lets out a couple of excited meows and then clings to the dog with all his might. Eventually Bow-Z just gives in and enjoys the love.



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