FELV Doesn’t Stop Garfield – Still Rules the Cat Kingdom at 17

FELV doesn’t Stop Garfield – Still

Rules NorCal Cat Kingdom at 17

(Editor’s Note: Sorry to learn that Garfield passed just short of his 18th birthday after a long, happy life, thanks in part to his guardian, Joyce, and his own persistence.)

Garfield , leukemia-positive for all those 17 years, now has diabetes and kidney disease, but considering all that, is doing well at 17 yrs old, reports Joyce from her Cat Palace near Sacramento. She has 11 other happy cats but Garfield has outlived most of the so-called ‘normal’ cats, since Joyce moved the gang from San Ramon, CA, where we lived in the same complex.

‘I’ve attached a picture (above) of Garfield taken Aug. 16′ says Joyce.. ‘He’s in a room with a beautiful view. He’s on the second floor in a room with 3 windows that look out on the street and the hills. There’s also a big oak tree in front of two of the windows, which always has squirrels playing in it, and birds.

‘After I wrote you, I had gone in to check on Garfield and found his toy mouse sitting in the dish on top of his dry food. I guess he’s trying to let me know his menu preference J!

‘Seriously though, I don’t know why, but nobody cans mouse; only chicken, beef, or seafood. I guess they think it would upset people. I’ve read that mouse is the perfect cat food. I understand that some pet stores sell frozen whole mice, but I don’t know if I could deal with that. I suspect Garfield would prefer live mice, anyway, and that’s not going to happen!!’

Kudos to Joyce (Garfield and others ) for how she has given her cats such wonderful lives. The fact that they’ve lived as long as they have is testament.For a related story Joyce sends along,about a recused cow near Sacramento, go here:


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FELV Doesn’t Stop Garfield – Still Rules the Cat Kingdom at 17



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