Hershey dog has miraculously survived over eight months with not one but four lethal conditions – heart
disease, sarcoma cancer, renal failure and the effects of   ‘laryngal’ surgery
which limited his food andbreathing. 8 Months ago Hershey was effectively given his last rites. That was August 27, 2018. After confounding the doctors by living  way beyond the ‘two or three’ days given him, he did start developing displasia and losing his furin back- and we figured THIS was the REAL beginning of the end. That was January. We were greatful to have had Hershey these many ‘bonus days’. But then, after getting an unexpected call from Hershey’s ‘GP’ vet we upgraded some of Hershey’s meds and living conditions – but it has been mostly Hershey’s own strong determination that has him still enjoying  QUALITY OF LIFE to this day in May, 2019! All of Hershey’s hair has grown back and his panting has decreased . Never did we expect to have
Hershey past Christmas, let alone New Years and Easter and now impending Mother’s Day . 

But,this week Hershey had another  setback – he wasn’t eating and didn’t want to take his daily walk (YES – HE STILL LOVES HIS WALKS (which shocked the doctor when we told her he is still able to walk at lengthg). We got Hershey right to the vet, who , at first was dubious about even treating Hershey at this point – but being that it was Hershey said we could TRY a few things. No guarantees.

So, in a cool back office lounge four of us – the vet and her assistant, Hershey’s MOM (as in Mother’s Day blessing) and I surrounded Hershey for a little invervention ‘party’ as it were. There was baby food and peanut butter  for Hershey as we all held him, lovingly, as a series of 7 shots were administered.  Hershey hadn’t had his critical 12 pills yet, this day, so after letting Hershey out for a short walk and getting him in the car, we drove to Safeway to get him that baby food and fed it to him right in the back seat of the car with those pills.  Within hours, Hershey should be feeling better and willing to eat his regular diet.

Hershey is one amazing dog. His sometimes stubborness has been a good thing as he’s ‘told ‘ us what he wants and it’s helped us to be able to spoil him while keeping him happy, keeping up that ‘quality of life.’  Through all the illness, Hershey has done his best and never been a burden and, again, nobody who sees him can imagine this 14-year-old senior -nearly 100 in human years – is ‘sick.’ . At our ‘intervention’ Hershey’s vet told his she’s never seen another dog in all her years who had bounced back time and again from not one but many serious maladies as has Hershey.

Sometimes we think that Hershey is indestructible and will be the first dog to live on forever. Of course, we know that’s  a nice day dream. So, now, it’s on to savor each remaining day – while it is hard not to dwell on the unknowing – while doing our best to count our blessings and love on Hershey – STILL IN OUR PRESENCE – make that PRESENTS!.

In fact, I’m headed over right now to help serve him lunch and take him for his favorite walk.
Hershey is not a mother but this makes for a nice , positive Mother’s Day tale – and a TRUE DOG TAIL!

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When we got home that night, Hershey refused to eat the same baby food – that’s the stubborn Hershey for you (he loves variety in life, like his Daddy) – but he would eat the gourmet pasta and ham pieces I brought over to top off his special ‘Just for Dogs’ neoplasia diet. He hadn’t really eaten all day so this was critical that he ate. Next day May 2 Hershey was back ‘in the pink’ and doing his thing once again.

(We know we’re on our last days with hershey – the vets don’t let us forget this – and will watch him closely as we celebrate Hershey along with Mother’s Day week! More on THE LIFE and TIMES OF HERSHEY

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