Final Chapter? Prepared to Say Good-bye to Ornji – Then Miracle(?) Happens

1-23-17 Sunday morn – ORNJI doing as well as he has in a long time, even without his chemo last week, which he wasn’t able to handle. Still, he’s doing surprisingly well considering his diagnosis. (We take one day at a time – and today was a truly remarkable one.) Ornji went outside in his ‘extension’, despite the cool weather – there was some nice sunshine. He was in and out, next to me on my desk several times, and eating very well all along from 4 am on! This is truly rewarding for me – if not Ornji – not asking for any credit, just so grateful to see Ornji doing well and seeming very happy, very much his old self. New pictures to come

1-15-17  Ornji back in the High Life after fooling us all again ,including not eating for three days, on his latest favorite perch



Knowing that Chemotherapy only works so well for liver cancer in cats, we were trying to be grateful for our near three ‘extra’ months – a month more than most cats  ‘get ‘ in similar situations, we were pretty sure that this was ‘IT’ when Ornji stopped eating for three days last week   .  Even our vet seemed pretty dubious and it was at this time we finally felt compelled to send out the following email to close friends.


‘Sorry to say the time has come we have dreaded. ORNJI stopped eating….so things not looking good. We had a great THREE MONTHS Bonus run with chemotherapy-longer than most…but still hard to go thru this now…Trying to look back at the positives . Thanks for your encouragement and support. More at 

          Thanks for caring and sharing,
           Burt for Ornji (and Zack)’
 Still don’t  understand exactly what happened next. It may not be a miracle but we don’t have a firm explanation otherwise. But, just as Ornji got a break and extra time with chemotherapy,  somebody wanted Ornji to have yet more time on earth, now nine months after Ornji’s original ‘miracle’ operation that initially got rid of his liver cancer for a time. Some can be explained with modern medicine.  If cats really have NINE LIVES, then Ornji must have used his up by now. What he may have here is a little help from above that saw ORNJI BOUNCE BACK AFTER THREE DAYS OF NOT EATING. 
The only thing the vet could offer was that, perhaps, Ornji had got worn out from the chemo and a little break renewed his resources, yet the vet was concerned about Ornji’s escalating liver values. Then there was the anti-inflammatory shots we started giving Ornji the very day he started eating again, so that may have had something , but probably not a loto, to do with his sudden , surprising comeback which saw ORNJI EAT NEARLY EVERYTHING IN SIGHT AFTER IGNORING VIRTUALLY ANYTHING FOR THREE DAYS; he had only sipped a small bit of the water in the tuna that morning.
It’s all so exciting and surreal for us/me, who’ve seen our emotions all over the place, not to mention sleeping patterns disrupted for some time, though I must say this morning I slept a full six hours straight,  probably the most in the past three months.
Let this be a lesson for cat guardians.  It ain’t over ’til it’s over. Don’t give up. You owe it to Purrrr-fect to give it you’re all- and you might be rewarded, too. Money? What’s money when it comes to your favorite furry friend! 

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Ornji is back, AGAIN, enjoying life these days, here with me on my desk enjoying the wildlife just outside the bay window. LIfe is good.


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