For Jasper, the Gentle Giant, and Sabrina his loving guardian

A few words from Janet

Hi, my name is Janet and Jasper is the dark bay horse that lived next to my horse at Hossmoor. Jasper was a wonderful 27-year-old gelding with a big personality and enough vitality for three horses. Sadly older horses are terribly fragile, and Jaspers’ time came quite suddenly. He coliced painfully, sending his caretaker, Sabrina, into a mad scramble to help him, but nothing seemed to work. Finally, he was trailered to U.C. Davis, and the awful truth became apparent. There was nothing anyone could do, and Sabrina had to say goodbye to her friend of 26 years.
We grieve with Sabrina and miss Jasper. It is hard enough to face large vet bills trying to save a horse but harder still when the horse is gone. I am reaching out to those who would like to help. The proceeds with go to pay the U.C. Davis and the emergency vet invoices.
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If I may add a few words to Janet’s thoughtfulness… I, Burt, along with Mindy are guardians for Snowy, who lives a couple stalls up from where Jasper lived . We loved Jasper (Sabrina) . He was the center of our little barn family at Hossmoor along with Maz (Janet), snowy and a few others of the P(?) Barn. Everyday was a treat for me (as well as Jasper and others) who eagerly awaited their single ‘stabul’ treat when I came by. It was a big deal to them and for me to see them all so happy. But it wasnt just about treats. There was a real chemistry among our senior horses. Other horses would come and go from the barn but ours were the mainstays with big boy Jasper no doubt the ring leader to whom Maz, Snowy and others looked up , both figuratively and literally.

I liked Jasper the minute I met him some two -plus years ago. He exuded charisma and was very playful, especially fora horse his age. He liked me Snowyband we liked him and he became buddies. JASPER was also a funny guy. I loved how he’d surprise everyone when he came bounding down the isle right to his stall after Sabrina let him off his bridal(?).Excuse me for ignorance as I’m the horse neophyte of the barn, though I must say I’ve learned a lot , thanks to Jasper and Sabrina as well as others.

My first big thrill came when Sabrina let Snkwy join Jasper i the arena one night. There i really saw how Jasper took charge as well as showing his goofball side like running wild. Snowy didn’t know what to think at first but I believe Jasper’s playfullness rubbed off on the more introverted Snowy, who began to display some of those same Jasper characteristics , including bucking and snorting.

More recently Sabrina and Janet entrusted me to take Snowy in to the pasture to graze with Jasper and Maz. It was a thrill for me to be the fourth horse, if you will, watching us all interact like the buddies we are.

In recent months I watched Jasper, now beset with nagging medical issues, still the leader of pack. But, I could sometmes see in his eyes that age and carrying around that big frame all those years was catching up with this would-be teenager. He still wanted to be the same young buck Sabrina first knew 28 years ago – and even more recently – but now Jasper’s body was betraying him.

On one hand I wish I was there on that fateful day when Jasper suffered what no horse or being should have to go through. On the other hand i was spared from seeing what my friends had to go through. I feel terrible for all who were part of it, especially Jasper. Sadly, fhe life of a horse is not always an easy one. But. instead. Let us turn our thoughts to mostly wonderful 28 years of days shares by Jasper and Sabrina that preceeded that last ugly one. Unfortunately, we can’t always control our final days and moments. Its so hard. It wasn’t even my horse, but my daily sad thoughts of Jasper I will try to channel as happy ones, especially on my daily visits to the barn. Perhaps in the next chapter of this story Sabrina will grace us with some of her fabulous times and tales with Jasper. LONG LIVE JASPER, THE GENTLE GIANT, IN OUR HEARTS AND MINDS.

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