JAKE Brought Much Joy to Joyce and Norm

JAKE Brought Much

Joy to Joyce and

Norm During Life’s


Posted in Always in our Hearts | May 5th, 2011

JAKE Brought Much

Joy to Joyce and

Norm During Life’s

Hardest Times


JAKE MOROS 1999-2011

by Mindy, who found Jake and brought him across country to be with her Dad and Mom, where he was needed and  became  ‘King of the House’ ,who quickly became Norm’s ‘best  buddy’ thru  tough times, and later became a wonderful companion to Joyce after the loss of her husband, Norm../excerpted from Mindy’s CaringBridge journal 5-4-11

‘And there is more sadness…..  Jake, her cat, went to the vet for the last time on Tuesday, May 3rd.  He had been quite ill for several months, and the vet believed the cause to be cancer.  When I visited her in late March, I knew that I had to evaluate whether or not it was “time” for Jake.  But when I arrived, I saw that he was still alert and affectionate, and he didn’t seem to be in any pain.

I had taken him to the vet last August, and they had given him a steroid injection which helped for awhile.  But by March, he had dwindled down to only about 6 pounds.

Over the last 5 to 6 weeks, he steadily declined.  I’m sure that he missed Mom and didn’t understand why she wasn’t home anymore.  That thought really saddens me – that things happen to our pets and we can’t help them understand what’s happening.  But sometimes, they understand more than we realize.

Louie was kind enough to take Jake to visit Mom on Sunday at Father Baker Manor.  It was good that they could visit.  After I made the arrangements, Louie was kind enough to take Jake for that last trip to the vet.

I was not in a good mood on Monday or Tuesday, feeling to be a traitor and


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